Abstract Geometric Art on Canvas size 100×150


Ascension is a spiritual concept where an individual elevates their consciousness, often associated with moving to a higher state... Browse Art


Samadhi is a spiritual state of deep meditation and union with the divine, characterized by profound stillness and consciousness.... Browse Art


Transcendence is the spiritual concept of rising above ordinary physical and mental limitations. It involves experiencing a higher.... Browse Art


Emanation is a spiritual concept where all creation flows from a divine source. It suggests that everything in the universe originates... Browse Art


Grace is a spiritual concept signifying divine favor and love bestowed freely by a higher power. It is often seen as unearned and.... Browse Art


Presence, in a spiritual context, refers to the state of being fully aware and attentive in the current moment. It involves a deep sense.... Browse Art


Unity is a spiritual concept emphasizing the interconnectedness of all existence. It reflects the idea that all beings and things are .... Browse Art

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