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So finally I have managed to photograph a body of my work.
The online gallery now also consist of paintings in the size 100x150 cm.
Browse the gallery here: Geometric Hardedge Paintings 100 x 150 cm.
I still have a body of work on paper, they will come online before july.
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During the summer I will be filming myself creating several art pieces.
So if you are interested in my art process, these videos will come online on a new YouTube channel in august.
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I have created a Facebook profile where I will share about my art and what else might come up.

You are welcome as my friend.

Hans Christian Lundholm on facebook


Well, I have a lot of art that I am going to present to you on this website. However, I normally photograph my art outside in the shadow, but due to it's winter here in Denmark, there are no optimal weather for doing this right now.

So I am going to wait until spring, and then I will be able to present to you, all of my art from the last 4-5 years.

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Updates is long overdue.

I hope that I will be able to photograph all of my 2023 paintings before the end of december, so that I can present them here on my website.

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I am working on several new paintings, building up a body of work in the same style.

I will eventually photograph the new paintings and present them here on my website.

Stay tuned....


I have published a new book. Title: A different kind of knowing.

Watch a presentation video and learn more about the book by following the link.


This website has been updated with the latest artworks.

I have decided to focus entirely on this new style of abstract art paintings. Geometric hardedge with triangles and squares. For the same reason, all my other artworks have been deleted from this website.

More art in this style will follow.


My new website is online. More artworks will be added.

I am not entirely satisfied with the photographs that I have taken of the artworks, and I will most likely shoot some new ones at a later stage.

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